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The colonization of Mars was carried out under the auspices of United Mars, a branch of the United Nations. However, as governments cut back on their budgets, private investors stepped in to provide funding, including:

  • T CorpDecal MarsX 00 BC 2.png Mars X: Private space exploration corporation committed to making Mars habitable.
  • T CorpDecal Lesta 00 BC 2.png Lesta: Corporation focusing on the development of energy systems.
  • T CorpDecal Kaakle 00 BC 2.png Kaakle: An IT corporation, providing network, AI, and software intelligence services.
  • T CorpDecal Ayota 00 BC 2.png Ayota: Manufacturer of vehicles for ground and space use.
  • T CorpDecal Tesnel 00 BC 2.png Tesnel: Food and sustenance corporation.
  • T CorpDecal Taxoca 00 BC 2.png Taxoca: A mining conglomerate.
  • T CorpDecal Gronsky 01 BC 2.png Gronsky Conglomeration Inc.: Pipeline magnates.